The WAVE is powered by renewable energies

The WAVE - World Advanced Vehicle Expedition is all about sustainable mobility and transport.  The event aims to push renewable energy sources for mobility. This is why all participating WAVE teams are required to produce their own electricity from renewable sources for the event. This electricity must be then fed into the grid system in the home country of each team, so that during the WAVE, the equivalent can be harnessed to power the vehicles on their journey across Europe.  Accepted renewable energy sources for the WAVE include:

  • wind
  • water 
  • solar
  • wood
  • wave 
  • tidal (moon power)
  • rubbish
  • landfill
  • coconut shell
  • used vegetable oils and fats
  • straw
  • cane trash
  • cow dung
  • and so on....

Electric car owners have the possibility to "choose the electricity source" for powering their vehicles. And that's one thing what the WAVE wants to show.

Eligibility CRITERIA

category 1: TRUCKS, Vehicles, 3-wheelers and motorbikes

It is the intention of WAVE Management to keep the rules as simple as possible. Participating vehicles in the WAVE are required to:

  • be propelled by an electric motor
  • be trucks, vehicles, 3-wheelers, motorbikes or e-bikes
  • drive at least 120 km distance on a highway at an average speed equal or above 85 km/h 
  • be able to reach a maximum distance of 240 km per day, with a recharge stop sufficient at 4 to 5 hours during lunch time
  • have a license plate from the home country
  • pay a participation fee that covers all food, accomodation and transportation
  • carry all the luggage of the team.



E-Bikes will stay in a group and will be followed by a support vehicle to enable battery changes after each 50 km, and to transport the second rider. Participating e-bikes are required to:


  • be propelled by an electric motor and muscle power
  • drive at least 50 km with one battery pack
  • have enough battery packs so they can make up to 120 km of range
  • maintain an average speed of 30 km/h
  • participate in all WAVE events as much as possible
  • pay a participation fee that covers all food and lodging
  • have two riders in each team to permit changes



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